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Knowle Goldsmiths Ltd

25 - Mar - 2015

Providing Exceptional Jeweller's Services to Knowle and Beyond...


Gold and Silver Bought in the West Midlands

Jewellery Valuations

We are an established independent retail jewellers founded in 1963 in the village of Knowle, Solihull in the West Midlands.

We have long specialised in the sale of Antique jewellery and silverware.


For insurance and probate, done on the premises by our member of the Institute of Registered Valuers.


All manner of repairs from jewellery, silverware to clocks and watches are undertaken by craftsman with decades of experience.

*Please contact us to discuss your personal requirements.


Are you tired of your old jewellery, why not have it redesigned or exchanged for other items.

  • Jewellery Valuations in Warwickshire
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  • Gold and Silver Bought in the West Midlands
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